Saturday, July 19, 2008

Benneton By Laeten Taylor

Bennaton Group,are in one hundred & twenty countries,  It's core business is fashion with an Italian influence The United colours of Benneton is glamour orientated , Sisley brand & playlife an American college style killerloop and street wear. The group  produces 160 thousand garments a year the network has 5,500. stores or more around the world generates turnover of $2 billion euro. United Colours of Benneton is a global brand well known for quality colour and fashion The brand is present in many other sectors from accessories to eye wear and perfumes to home wear to by products.Three hundred designers from all over the world create the collection, the result is the latest designs which are realized with assisted design systems fully intergrated with the companies production phases.  
Oliviero Toscani was Bennetons Art director,copywriter, photographer,creative director, they worked together from 1982 till he resigned in 2000. 
Italian born Toscani known for his advertising campaigns for Benneton In the 90s Toscani and Benneton co founded a magazine called "Colors"with graphic designer Tibor Kalman
Toscani,s advertising technique brought Benneton to the fore using their logo for more controversial purpose unrelated to their subject matter.He used Benneton for their logo to produce controversial photographs and articles. we make.html
http://www.benneton we are/overview.htm



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