Monday, May 12, 2008

cradle-to-cradle vs. cradle-to-grave: ROGAN

The title of the book/film suggests that ‘waste equals food’, ergo everything that we use and dispose of should be used or rather reused to down the line either upcycling to produce a product of greater value or downcycling to create a product of a lesser grade.  For example plastics are generally recycled into a lower grade of plastic.  

The ‘cradle-to-cradle’ concept of upcycling is firmly opposing the wasteful concepts of manufacturing created during the industrial revolution, which are still widely practiced to this day.  The building and packaging materials that companies use need to be re-evaluated and made to be a sustainable resource for the future.

The concept of ‘cradle to grave’ is a by-product of the culture of consumption in which we live.  Metal or plastic products which we use day to day may be recycled in some way but at the end of there life cycle they eventually go to waste or to their ‘grave’.  Ford motor company is currently working on ‘green’ car that is made from materials that are completely sustainable.  Many steps are now being taken from architecture to green shopping bags to help promote the durability of the planet.


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