Monday, May 19, 2008

Josh- Cradle to Cradle v's Cradle to grave

cradle to grave vs cradle to cradle

Albert Einstein said "the world will not evolve past its current state of crisis by using the same thinking that created the situation." This is very true, it is only recent that ideas are being evolved and put into practice. In Herman Millers journey to sustainability, by William McDonough & Michael Braungart. McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry is just one of many companies that are using these innovative intelligent designs to practice in the pursuit of this wide spectrum of value.
cradle to cradle is the philosophy where a product or production can be used, recycled, and used again without losing any material quality. The cradle to grave philosophy is where in the production of a product or the product it's self takes, makes and wastes. "Indeed, we're convinced that thoughtful design mirroring the safe, regenerative productivity of nature-what we call Cradle to Cradle Design™-can create materials, products, and manufacturing systems that are not simply sustainable, but yield sustaining growth in economic prosperity, ecological intelligence, and social value".

The example of this is the Herman Miller "GreenHouse" Factory & Offices.
The use of the indoor outdoor theory, where u incorporate the interior with the exterior landscapes, in a visual and physical way. the factory facility and its site serves to optimize its occupants’ comfort, health and communication. Maximum use of daylighting and fresh air in both office and manufacturing spaces provides environmentally sound and cost-effective operations. All spaces feed into “the Street,” an open corridor that runs the length of the building. William McDonough and partners have designed and created a huge list of building using the same principals, including, Ford Motoring Company, Ford Amazon, Ford Rouge Center Landscape Master Plan, Ford Rouge Dearborn Truck Plant, Ford Rouge Factory Tour Visitors Center, Ford Rouge Glass Plant Renovation. As-well as Nike, Multi-Vasgoed, Zoo's, Universities, Museums and numerous living estates.

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