Monday, May 19, 2008

Environmental Design.Kurt

Cradle to Grave simply refers to the total lifespan of a product where the end grave of the product is often a dirty, wasteful, ecologically detrimental part of the process that is also socially damaging and economically ineffective.
In saying this there are many products through out the world that are taking for arguments sake 10,000kg of materials to produce only 2000kg for the product and then once this product is no longer usable or defect, it is just waste.

Sometimes materials such as iron or some plastics and rubber are recyclable but this is also a debatable topic as most materials are not entirely recycled back to their original compound more so they are rather down cycled to a lower quality and reused, so once again these materials will eventually be unusable.

It is quite a scary thought that the world one day could be depleted of all of it’s resources leaving just a baron waste land full of unusable rubbish.

Cradle to Cradle
the term and ideology behind German chemist Michael Braungart and American designer William McDonough is the logical philosophy of redesigning products and systems that completely recycle themselves.

When we look at nature a fruit tree is a perfect example of what cradle to cradle is all about, the fruit on the tree that carries the seed drops on the ground and is waste but the fruit itself is food for the seed thus WASTE=FOOD.

Braungart and McDonough have redesigned and invented many systems through out the world where this philosophy and idea is being utilized, I think it’s great to see and know that there is hope for the earth and future generations to come.


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