Friday, June 6, 2008

Abby - Graffiti

Graffiti – Scratch it and it spreads

Graffiti is the art or it can be words that are painted, stencilled glued or sprayed in public places. It is usually colourful. It is often on outside walls or shopfronts. It can also be put on trucks and trains. It is often done in a hurry as it is against the law and police might come.
Graffiti is often art. The drawings are a type of art. Some graffiti looks messy and takes a lot of effort to clean off public places so a few special areas should be allowed for graffiti artists to promote their work (below shows a laneway in Melbourne which is famous for graffiti as art). They could also have their own billboards.

Gang crime member, Mario Condello, had his face as graffiti in Hosier Lane as social comment.

Graffiti also comments on social situations such as making anti-war statements. Below a billboard showing the then Prime Minister is being defaced as political comment.

Below are the tags of KAB101. Tags show the artist’s name. KAB101’s tags usually have strong colours and are bright signifying that it is an important word. (Some are in black showing a gothic influence). The fonts Kab uses are varied showing the ability to write in different styles. The tags are spray painted.
The bottom tag contains more drawings with the death skeleton dominating the graphic in the foreground perhaps watching the people passing. The bright coloured font contrasts with the dark scary death and bats.

I think graffiti is used for art and artistic purposes. It comments on social issues and is usually found in the streets.


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