Friday, June 13, 2008

Josh - Toscani

Olivero Toscani, creative director for the Benetton Group, has shattered every conventionally held idea regarding the role of advertising. Already an award-winning photographer, Toscani was hired in 1984 by Luciano Benetton to exclusively head the company's advertising campaign.

After hours or research on Toscani and Benetton I found a series of quotes, which I think best descried himself as a thinker, creator, photographer and advertiser.

"advertising is the richest and most powerful form of communication in the world. We need to have images that will make people think and discuss."

"ad agencies are obsolete. They're out of touch with the times; they're far too comfortable. When the client is happy, they stop trying. They don't want to know what's going on in the world. They create a false reality and want people to believe in it. We show reality and we're criticized for it."

"research? we try to do the very opposite. We try to make our ads personal. If you do research, you get yesterday's results. If they did research five hundred years ago, they never would have discovered America. They would have found out the world is flat. You have to have the courage to make mistakes. Everything we do is about impulse, about guts. That's what built Benetton."

By linking the varying colors in the Benetton collection to the diverse "colors" of its world customers it came up with "United Colors of Benetton" which became the very successful tradmark.A very successful part of the Benetton Group is they don’t tell anyone to buy the clothes, instead they attempt to promote a discussion about issues which people would normally glide over. Including a dark mother breastfeeding a white baby. This caused controversy in America due to historical connotations of slavery and racism. He went on to use Aids, new life, gleefulness, and a fake Jesus to give his advertising the edge that Benetton become well known for.


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