Monday, June 2, 2008

Josh - Graffiti - Banksy

Viewing Rash opened my mind greatly to the graffiti world. It was interesting to see that graffiti is all, social commentary, propaganda, artist and vandalism. Banksy is my chosen graffiti artist. I use artist because i have come to the conclusion that Banksy is an artist.
Graffiti that falls under the line of vandalism is scribble or what is know as tagging, a complex, messy and intruding way of signing a name. Propaganda describes graffiti that is used as a form of promotion or advertising, there trying to seep and take benefits, using an "underground" way of advertising their product or brand. Lastly social commentators take situations of life, simplifying, visualizing, and applying it back into life. Banksy is a well-known "pseudo-anonymous" English graffiti artist. His artworks are often-satirical pieces of art on topics such as politics, culture, and ethics. His street art, which combines graffiti writing with a distinctive stencilling technique. His art has appeared in cities around the world. Banksy's work was born out of the Bristol underground scene which involved collaborations between artists and musicians.

Banksy started as a freehand graffiti artist 1992-1994 as one of Bristol's DryBreadZ Crew. He was inspired by local artists and his work was part of the larger Bristol underground scene. From the start he used stencils as elements of his freehand pieces. In late 2001, on a trip to Sydney and Melbourne, Australia, he met up with the Gen-X pastellist, visual activist, and recluse James DeWeaver in Byron Bay, where he stenciled a parachuting rat with clothes pin on nose above a toilet at the Arts Factory Lodge. The stencil is still there, seven years later
Banksy held an exhibition called Barely Legal, billed as a "three day vandalised warehouse extravaganza" in Los Angeles. The exhibition featured a live "elephant in a room", painted in a pink and gold
floral wallpaper pattern. Bansky started to seep his pieces for huge amounts of money to the rich and famous including Christina Aguilera who brought an original of Queen Victoria as a lesbian and two
prints for £25,000, set of Kate Moss paintings sold for £50,400. His stencil of a green Mona Lisa with real paint dripping from her eyes sold for £57,600. All this starting with graffitiing stencils on the
streets. Banksy certainly deserves the title of ARTIST.


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