Monday, June 9, 2008

Rosalind - Toscani

Olivero Toscani and United Colours of Benetton’s campaign used societies concerns whether environmental, ethical or racial in a confronting and sensationalistic manner. With memorable images Toscani managed to appeal to society, particularly the white-collar work force as they could afford the high street fashion.

Benetton was not just an ordinary knitwear company it had developed a pulse it was alive with ideals, ethics and standards, which appealed to the public. When you wore a Benetton item you where then making a statement and identifying with these ethics and ideals.

These ads were at times extremely controversial and could cause public outrage, which would always compel everyone to take notice of what the giant knitwear company was up to now.

It has been said that some of Toscani’s campaigns have a religious zeal and art- historical references. The dying aids victim resembling a classic lamentation, the father a mourning disciple and the two women as Mother Mary and Mary Magdalen.

Life and death, beginning and end, this is not just advertising it is symbolism of topical images, exploring moral problems in everyday existence.

Toscani was very clever, it was never just about fashion and what we wore, it was about the world and being aware of its problems whether good or bad. Although at times he may have gone a little to far - Olivero Toscani “I am not here to sell pullovers, but to promote an image.”


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