Monday, June 16, 2008

Kurt-Oliveri Toscani-Benetton

The advertising philosophy of United Colors of Benetton is based on Luciano Benetton's belief that 'communication should not be commissioned from outside the company, but conceived from within its heart.'

The Advertising Campaigns produced by Benetton are controversial, there’s no denying it. I think this full in your face no bullshit photography from Oliver Toscani is an absolutely brilliant tool for communicating so many social and dramatic humanistic issues.
The whole association with value is so strong they are able to tie so many different themes and events into their campaign that is a remarkable marketing strategy.

People are shocked by what they are seeing in the images but at the same time have an immediate connection to what is portrait in the photos.

“Free speech and the right to express it” In the Feb 92 campaign the communication of Benetton raized much controversy and created a global scandal.
The images of a man dying of aids, a soldier gripping a human thigh bone, a man assassinated by the mafia, a car on fire, and a ship being stormed by immigrants.

All these photos were not taken for the advertising campaign but where rather subjects of the real world used for conveying the news.
It raized questions as to weather advertising and marketing for a product should actually focus on subjects other than the companys product?

But in saying this where is the rule book to say or display the guide lines to Advertising?


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