Monday, June 23, 2008

LEE: Benetton

The united colors of Benetton is a successful clothing company that focuses not on plain old fashion but tries to connect with the buyer with the same mindset about their common morals and social values. By promoting their products in this way Benetton’s clothing has caused much controversy is nations around the globe, due to its blunt approach to taboo advertising.

The brand developed into the “united colors of Benetton” based on the colours of the youths around the world that the youths were designed for and began to promote things like world peace and racial equality etc.

When I first heard about the “united colors of Benetton” I thought it was some form of united racial movement charity group of sorts based on the pictures I had seen, but when I found out it was actually a clothing brand I became rather sceptical and began to think, while yes I am sure the Benetton’s care about all the stuff they promote, it could just be a way of getting all the “hippies” or “activists” to buy their products because they think it will in some way help the people in need.

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