Monday, June 16, 2008



                 They were the first years Ninety when children wound in the placenta or the Sicilian women folded up by the pain of forehead to a homicide of mafia of the photographer of the Benetton flattened the road to the many television shocking spots in circulation of these times.  

The experiment worked, and now it works ,demonstrating  that the publicity can still be read also as form of communication turned to the collectivity. Choosing to treat social problems, with its campaigns  raw and direct Toscani  literally interprets the social mission of the advertising practice replacing with the perfect family of the Mulino bianco (Mill White – stereotype of a classic happy family that you see onTV advertising) kisses stolen between priests and nuns or scenes of homosexual love.  

The countries of the Benetton overturn in this way the approach of the traditional advertising agency, that prefers to propose incapable reassuring and easy-going visions of the reality to arouse questions on the great social problems in the viewers. Un incorrect routine ,says Toscani, that in its photos ago of the violence and of the contradictions of the mafia, as of the war and of the death penalty, an occasion of report, turning them into uncomfortable images, able to let the people to reflect. 

The countries of communication of the Group Benetton they represent only not a mean of communication but an expression of our time. They have succeeded, thanks to an universal strength, to attract the attention of the public also distinguishing in the actual universe of images. 

they have picked up all over the world prizes and consents and at the same time they have aroused reactions, at times fierce, at times simply curious, confirming himself, however, always protagonists, elements of debate and comparison of the ideas.  

To you the judgment bloggers... better staying to reflect before to a publicity shock or better criticizing it and to entrench it behind false moralisms?????                   


toscani says:  "unlike traditional advertisements, our images
                                   usually have no copy and not product, only our logo.  They
                                   do not tell anyone to buy our clothes, they do not even imply it.
                                   All they attempt to do is promote a discussion about issues
                                   which people would normally glide over if they approached
                                   them from other channels, issues we feel should be more
                                   widely discussed."  Hence, advertising that speaks across all cultural
                                   boundaries and raises social awareness by presenting powerful
                                   human and universal themes.





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